During in modern Era, we are not fully aware of 6 Kalimas that what exactly these are and why is it important to know these all.

As Muslims, it is obligatory for us to learn Kalimas and to know the importance of 6 Kalimas and spreading out with our family members, friends, relatives, students, elders, youngsters, and those who are not fully aware of these all 6 Kalimas.

Importance of 6 Kalimah

6 kalima are the spirit of Islam which are taken from some different kind of Hadith. There are 6 Kalimas which are contained to be spreading out for every Muslim.

Here are the 6 Kalima translations and Interpretations, we have been considering in 6 Kalimas from here. What is exactly the mean of 6 Kalimas and what can we learn from these right here, Here we go:-

1: Importance of First Kalimah (كَلِمَاتْ اَلطَّيِّبَة)

The First Kalima is regarding clear that there is no God and the Prophet [PBUH] is the last Messenger of Allah

2: Importance of Second Kalimah (كَلِمَاتْ اَلشَّهَادَة)

It refers to testimony, That I testify witness there is no God but Allah and I testify witness Muhammad Prophet is his last messenger

3: Importance  of  Third Kalimah (كَلِمَاتْ اَلتَّمْجِيد)

It’s about glorification that, all acclamation is for Allah and there is no God but Allah and Allah is the greatest and there is no worthy who has power and authority except Allah, Allah is the greatest one.

4: Imporatnace of Fourth Kalimah (كَلِمَاتْ اَلتَّوْحِيد)

It means unification of oneness of creator, that, there is none worthy of worship except Allah. He is Alone. There is no partner of Allah, All supreme power, authority, and all Praises, are for Allah. He will never die. Allah gives life and death. He is grandeur and glorious. He has goodness in his hand and he has commands on everything.

5: Importance of  FifthKalimah (كَلِمَاتْ ٱسْتِغْفَار)

It refers to repentance. I repent to Allah who is my Creator. Every sin which I had committed deliberately, or by mistakenly, openly, or secretly, I repent to Allah to my all sins which are all I know, and which are all I do not know. No doubt you know all the hidden things of us. You are the best forgiver to sinners. There is no worthy who has power and authority except you Allah, Allah is the greatest one…

6: Imporatace of   Sixth Kalimah (كَلِمَاتْ رَدّْ اَلْكُفْر)

It means a lack of faith. O Allah I seek refuge in you from that should not worship any partner with you I ask your forgiveness from that which I do not know and I repent from it. I reject disbelief, and idolatry, and falsehood, backbiting, deviation, defamation, immorality, and all sinfulness, and I accept and testify witness, there is no God But Allah and last messenger and prophet are Muhammad.