Salah And Duas

Salah And Duas Course

Sala’at and Duas (Namaz and Islamic supplications) are for those students who want to learn the Salah (Namaz) initially or want to reform their Salah by knowing about all its necessities. This course is equally beneficial for both children and adults. Sala’at and Duas make the students able to establish their salah correctly and concentrately and pray with different quranic duas.

Salah And Duas Teaches:

The method and steps of performing Wudu (ablution), Ghusl (bath) and Tayammum.

The Words of Azan (calling for salah) and their meanings

The method steps of performing Salah with illustration

The memorization of some selected Surahs with correct pronunciation.

The classification of prayers (salah)

The Obligations, Conditions , necessities for Salah.

The memorization of quranic duas (supplications) and duas for daily different lawful activities.

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